7 Key Skills to Becoming a Successful Wedding Planner


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7 Key Skills to Becoming a Successful Wedding Planner

Becoming a wedding planner involves more than just planning a wedding. You need to understand the business side of your service and learn how to manage your time to get the most profit. You are the face of your company and your PR representative. Every day you have the opportunity to build (or damage) your reputation as an entrepreneur.

As your business and experience grow, you will likely plan multiple weddings at the same time. You must strive to give each couple the best possible, personalized attention while planning their big day without losing your mind.

The 7 Key Competencies

Nobody said that being a wedding planner was a job for the faint of heart. Not everyone can be successful as a wedding consultant. A good wedding planner is:

calm. You will be the bride's (and groom's!) rock. From communication issues with suppliers to major ceremony crises, you need to be able to maintain calm after a disaster. A wedding planner should always have a plan B ready to act in an emergency.

- Charming. You are the face of your company and the representative of your customers. Impeccable communication and social skills are essential. Your reputation as a wedding consultant depends on your ability to network and maintain excellent working relationships with suppliers and venues. Wedding planners need to know how to communicate and work with all types of personalities. Not everyone you meet will be nice and easy to please. You must be able to defuse any situation to achieve the results your client desires.

 A great negotiator. The couple will rely on you to order flowers, book the band and photographer, recommend a caterer, and help you find ceremony and reception venues. You should be able to find the best service at the lowest price. This becomes easier as you build a good reputation and professional relationships with vendors and venues. Your contacts give you better offers that you can pass on to your customers.

- Good with money. To start a wedding planning business, you must be able to manage your expenses and stick to a budget, as well as be responsible for other people's money and budgets. Prior knowledge of money management is crucial, even if your only experience is in controlling household finances.

- Organized. A wedding consultant can be responsible for almost every aspect of the big day: venues, theme, flowers, food, refreshments, clothing, photography, honeymoon, and other wedding details. Keeping track of all the details, contract dates, and deadlines requires an 
enormous amount of organization and attention to detail. Your calendar will be your new best friend.

- A huge amount of knowledge. A good wedding planner has a sense of fashion, good taste in music, and a good feel for colors, flowers, and themes. You should be able to stay up to date on the latest bridal trends and fashions, the most popular honeymoon destinations, and of course, traditional wedding etiquette. Many wedding consultants also learn about different religious ceremonies and traditions so they can serve couples of all faiths.

Can Maintain a Sense of Humor: From indecisive or emotional girlfriends to controlling parents and absentee salespeople, your job is made for you. When it comes to dreams, the ability to keep things in perspective is crucial.

Starting your own wedding planning business will be a learning experience. No one knows everything from day one, and as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.

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